Fuck my life

Varje gång jag tycker synd om mig själv klickar jag mig in på FML och helt plötsligt känns livet inte så jävla miserabelt längre.

"Today, I was standing in the gas station, pulling out my wallet to pay the $100 of gas I just filled my car with. I opened my wallet and found a note saying: Borrowed money for food."

"Today, the driver side mirror of my car was smashed off and laying on the ground. On the window was a $75.00 ticket for improper equipment for not having a mirror."

"Today, my boss was angry at me because I had filed a complaint about him refusing to change our phone service to something more reliable. Later, a costumer called him and said I had hung up on him. I got fired. I didn't hang up on the customer, the phone service just dropped the call."

"Today, I got diagnosed with a condition that expresses itself in the form of violent diarrhea whenever I get nervous. Now I am constantly nervous about getting nervous about anything."

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Postat av: Anonym

Ja verkligen! :)

2009-10-21 @ 20:44:14
URL: http://pernillaelisabeth.blogg.se/
Postat av: sandra

klart som fan att vi gör de ;)

2009-10-22 @ 10:51:00
URL: http://ksandra.blogg.se/

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